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    • 12.08.07 | 15:33 (IDT)

    Israel?s internal and external life have a common denominator in their different approach to religion as an all over component of daily life for everyone. - The deadly experience of the Holocaust where certain religious leaders misled their public / believers by not recommending either to flee or defend themselves. The result is unfortunately known and became a bone of contention after the Holocaust by defending the religious explanation of ?the fate they suffered was the result of not observing the religious laws?. - A highly sophisticated / questionable argument by these groups only! The suggested role to the nowadays President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, by attributing to him moral values and an experience in dealing with fundamental / religious approaches, His life career is that of a politician of a public servant who pays lip service by this functions officially only. The role of the President of the State of Israel is not that of moral and religious philosophical person but a as a political chosen figure head of state with rather limited functions. This article recognizes at one hand the necessity to come to sort of terms with the right / ultra orthodox religious groups of the various national / political parties, which represent politically the religious fulfillment of Biblical prophecies. - Here one has to realize that a question of bridging between their ?frozen approach? and the daily political, security needs of the State of Israel and its future are a confrontation between those two poles. The creation of the State of Israel by Zionist movement, by large number of the family of nations was based mainly on traditional / historical values of course with its sprinkle of religious prophetic components. To secure to the remaining people a safe place of their own which brought into being Israel?s declaration of independence after lengthy, demanding and exhorting conditions by religious groups, which finally caused to remain this basic concept a declaration only and never became a State law owing to their religious reservations! The balancing act in the State of Israel?s laws since its foundation 59 years ago tries to find an equilibrium to befits both sides and was shattered by ?unmovable religious dogma? of the religious law?s supremacy, caused by the mental inflexibility / inability to adopt their own deep beliefs, to the world?s population we live in and its daily life. ? Recognizing this deep gap we face situations, we observe during the last years manipulation of biblical curses etc, refusal of state authority laws and supremacy versus their ancient based religious beliefs and practices etc. -

    from the article: The distress of the religious right
    First published 00:00 12.08.07 | Last updated 00:00 12.08.07
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