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    • labhras
    • 08.11.10 | 11:57 (IST)

    I have posted this for you a thousand times and still you come back with your lies and spin. Answer the question---did or did not the following leaders make the following statements and if they did--and they did---how does your argument have credibility. Here again are the statements. " One day after the UN vote to partition Palestine, Menachem Begin, the commander of the Irgun gang and Israel's future Prime Minister between 1977-1983, proclaimed: "The Partition of Palestine is illegal. It will never be recognized .... Jerusalem was and will for ever be our capital. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it. And for Ever." (Iron Wall p. 25) * ""Shamir has said Israel must keep the territories in order to accommodate the immigrants. "A great aliyah [immigration]," he said, "requires a Greater Israel."(5) He has insisted that, although Soviet Jews are not being directed to the territories, any Jew has the right to live anywhere in the land of Israel, which for most Israelis includes the territories. As Foreign Minister David Levy said in August: "The right to settle every part of Israel is unequivocally clear even if there are disagreements over this matter. Israel`s stance on this issue is known."(6) Israeli and many American Jewish leaders see the matter as going to the very core of the Jewish state`s mission, which is to "redeem" the land of historic Israel on behalf of the Jewish people. Ben-Gurion was happy and sad when the U.N. voted to partition Palestine into two states, Palestinian and Jewish. He was happy because "finally" Jews could have a "country" of their own. On the other hand, he was sad because they have "lost" almost half of Palestine, and because they would have to contend with a sizable Palestinian minority, well over 45% of the total population. In the following few quotes, you will see how he also stated that a "Jewish state" cannot survive being 60% Jewish; implying that something aught to be done to remedy the so called "Arab demographic problem". He stated on November 30, 1947: "In my heart, there was joy mixed with sadness: joy that the nations at last acknowledged that we are a nation with a state, and sadness that we lost half of the country, Judea and Samaria, and , in addition, that we [would] have [in our state] 400,000 [Palestinian] Arabs." (Righteous Victims, p. 190)

    from the article: West Bank most-wanted terrorist list has dwindled to almost nil
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