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    • 15.07.05 | 13:15 (IDT)

    I am an American who has been living in Bethlehem for the past month and I would like to clear something up about Jews in Palestine. Contrary to what Proud zionist says, the reason there are very few Jews in Palestine (what was it, 1%) has little to do with any deep-seated hatred of Jews. I've traveled all through the West Bank and talked to Palestinian Christians and Muslims, liberal and conservative, non-violent and militant. None of them hate Jews or think that Israel has no right to exist (admittedly I can't speak for Hamas, but that is a different story and, despite their popularity in the polls, most Palestinians I've met have said this is more reflective of the disillusionment with the PA than support for an ideology that says Israel shouldn't exist). What these people are is anti-occupation and if Israelis would stop the wholesale theft of their land for Jewish-only settlements (even if they are "open to Gentiles", they certainly aren't open to the Palestinians on whose land the settlements are built), they would welcome peace and a diverse, vibrant society of Muslims, Christians and Jews. Yes, they don't like settlers, but considering the circumstances, but that does not translate into a hatred of Jews. Unlike many of the posters on this site, the Palestinians I've met are much more able to discern between Israeli radicals and normal Israeli Jews. Just in case you don't believe it, let me tell you that I have Jewish friends with me here in Bethlehem and I have Jewish friends who've traveled here inthe past and they are welcomed with open arms. Even the most militant person I've spoken with says that all that is needed to acheive peace is for one Israeli and one PAlestinian to go to the UN and implement all the long-ignored (by Israel and the US) resolutions. So, before paiting all Palestinians with the same brush, remember that little more than 2% of the entire population has been involved in violent struggle, and maybe try coming to the occupied territories and actually talking to people and see what is really going on.

    from the article: Settlers `tattoo' ID numbers on their arms
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