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Likud source: Bennett likely to get justice portfolio

Official calls Bennett's demand 'extortion,' says he will pay dearly in the future; at this stage it is not yet clear whether the portfolio will be given to Bennett himself or to Ayelet Shaked.

Settlers take over Palestinian home in E. Jerusalem

Residents of the Palestinian Silwan neighborhood said some 20 Jewish youths moved in the middle of the night while the family living there was away.

'Churchill' Bibi and Startup Nation's destruction

Netanyahu's capitulation to the Haredim erases years of hard work at ensuring a prosperous future for the Israeli economy. Fear has overtaken the last semblance of Bibi's principles.

Residents of Aleppo hold a Nusra Front flag celebrating its capture of Idlib.
Syrian rebel victories stretch Assad’s forces

Israel estimates Syrian leader would sacrifice the embattled capital of Damascus before his northern Alawite stronghold.

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