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'Joint CIA-Mossad op killed Hezbollah's Mughniyeh'

American and Israeli intelligence officials tracked Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh for months before killing him in 2008, former U.S. officials tell The Washington Post.

Illustration by Amos Biderman
When the cannons roar, Netanyahu's numbers soar

Events in the north this week strengthened the electoral importance of the 'security-political' issue - PM Netanyahu’s strongest suit. But he and other party heads suffered some serious blows.

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The dark side India's most charismatic politician

Shashi Tharoor is high on the list of India’s most successful people and practically became UN secretary general; but he has also become embroiled in several scandals – including murder.

Reporter who broke Nisman story: I did the right thing

Media laws and surveillance won’t stop determined journalists, and I’m one of them, writes reporter Damian Pachter, who fled Argentina to Israel after breaking the story.