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    • Helen Kariv
    • 19.07.10 | 18:28 (IDT)

    I read what Prof. Aumann says in answers to questions he is asked, and I agree in general with what he says. Unfortunately, while sitting here looking outside my window, I am hit with a desperate conclusion. When has rationality, loveof one another, intelligence, or even love of Hashem, ever explained anything if you refuse to acknowledge one very basic fact and build your theory, whatever it is, from there on: Man is primitive animal. Humanity's progress or decline is not based on the welfare of banks or economic theories. It is based on the realization that humanity is till in its infancy and that it reacts exactly like any animal in the jungle would do - by protecting its territory/. You try to take over my territory, I will do my best to stop you - simple. Economics is money; money is power; power is control of territory (and the females, that ensure survial of the species, inside it). Therefore you find the USA in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, etc . A threat, whether real or imagined, must be attacked. The aim is not to protect "freedom and democracy," the aim is to protect the territory called "the USA" from eventually being taken over by "the threat" - be it terrorism or economic upheaval which threatens hunger and therefore threatens survival. ... and here we come to Tisha Be'Av in Israel today. Israel, the way it is going, will not survive. it will eventually be destroyed. Not by the Palestinians, or Al-Qaida, or whatever they call themselves - but as happened before on Tisha Be'Av - by the inability to come together and defend your territory from whoever threatens you (whatever it chooses to call itself - and that includes America, but that's another story). Not rationalism, not primitivism as mentioned above, but a lesson never yet learned by the Jewish people, even after Babylon, even after the Holocaust - IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE YOU HAVE TO FIGHT! That's the law of Nature, G-d, whatever we poor humans call the force that drives the universe. IF YOU GIVE UP YOUR TERRITORY - YOU WIL BE WIPED OUT! So, what to do? Israel is a country without defined borders. Our young people have no idea where Israel begins and where it ends. How can we fight to hold on to our territory, and therefore our race, if we have no sense of territory. If you have no sence of territory you do not know what you're fighting for. If you do not know what you're fighting for, you give up land because giving up land has no meaning. If you are asked to fight for something that has no meaning, your soldiers will not fight. You will have lost the battle before it begins - this is already being felt in Israel. In short, The Palestinians have a stronger sense of selfhood than have the Jewish people . Ironically, we have taught them to define their territory; and, what we call terrorism is actually a natural reaction to the need to control one's territory in order to survive. We have taught terrorism how to survive.

    from the article: Still game for change
    First published 11:19 16.07.10 | Last updated 11:19 16.07.10
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