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    • H.H.M
    • 23.01.07 | 22:09 (IST)

    Israel and other news are fed for too longer time with the Presidents with criminal, sex, accusations over a period before his presidential election and during his term. The detailed discussion concerning alleged various, multiple sexual accusation/ acts provided headlines. The investigations into this accusations were also reported in too many details. Mr. Katsav denied everything, the Attorney General and Advocate General only now after many months of hesitations, probes claim now to have reached a juridical acceptable indictment against Pres. Katsav. This will be represented to court only after legally provided for ?hearing about possible changes cancellation of the formed indictment.? Mr. Katsav as President of the State of Israel is the unifying symbol of the State beyond every political or other differences. Presidency should and has to be unblemish in the interest of all Israelis. By the present ?publicity over months this symbol suffered greatly as its based on nearly unlimited confidence. Mr. Katsav?s official term ends in about six months and his successor will have a very difficult position advocation to rebuild the lost public confidence. State of Israel will have to face in years to come official historic reporting which cannot undo this ?strange? handling of the this accusation/ investigation, but by preventive / well weighed action which would eliminate court actions, personal evidence, accusations, possible detail descriptions - as needed in the case of sex offenses ? all these maybe evaded by the accused declaration of guilt ? a possible last public service of Mr. Katsav. - The verdict would be based on the long investigations the accused reaction and statements within this investigation framework plus his now to be made declaration of guilty. The judge?s verdict is to be either ?guilty,? ?not guilty,? ?partially guilty only,? ?not guilty for lack of sufficient evidence.? In accordance with the court?s finding if necessary imprisonment, fine etc will be declared. Of course all concern still will have a legal way of appeal to higher court open, whatever the verdict maybe. Now a possible way out could be agreed with the official juridical/ political authorities - if one is on the out look for ? a way out of such difficult / impossible situation, to save at least part of the State of Israel Presidency image.? The following could be a prescription for it. The accused declares himself guilty, the prosecution , the court of law accepts it with possible workout conditions possibly binding the court. A large number of hearings, production of documents, declarations, witnesses interrogation etc would become unnecessary. The court still has the possibility to weigh the question of guilty, not guilty etc. In case of guilt the verdict will have to include prison, fines etc. The accused accept by prearranged the verdict and applies with courts knowledge for presidential clemency concerning his fines only. The new President will agree to sign this type of clemency for reasons of State and Mr. Katsav will become a private citizen with a court record, court and part time clemency act and Israel public has a chance to reestablish its confidence to this State?s symbol of Presidency. - History books in future will hardly mention more than has been accused , has resigned, has been exempted by squashing punishment = a mere two lines!

    from the article: President, lawyers: 'Slim chance' Mazuz will waver
    First published 00:00 23.01.07 | Last updated 00:00 23.01.07
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