President Nicolás Maduro's Jewish grandfather arrived as a child to Falcón State during that Jewish migration from Curaçao. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Venezuelan Semite
    • 17.12.13 | 03:48 (IST)

    It would've been nice if this had been mentioned as a matter of history. Nicolás Maduro, a fair, just and reasonable man who has the best at heart for the working class and poor of Venezuela (not the rich merchants and the elites) is the first Venezuelan president of known and acknowledged Jewish descent. Maduro is a lover of the Jewish people, and as a minister in Chavez's government, Maduro worked together with, and in favour of, Latin American Jewish leaders and the Jewish community. So I'm not surprised that Maduro's government is preserving Jewish sites across Venezuela as part of the country's heritage. Maduro is not, however, nor should he be, shy about his outspoken opposition against the oppression by Israel of the Palestinians. Maduro makes a distinction between 1) Jews as a people, and 2) Israelis as a citizenry, as opposed to 3) the Government of the State of Israel and its oppression of the Palestinian people. All this, put in perspective, clearly shows the initial accusation of anti-Semitism made against him by some delusional people is just a smear campaign. He had to "come out" about his Jewish ancestry to shut those people up. If some Venezuelan Jews are leaving Venezuela, it's not because they are being targeted because they are Jews. It's because the government is unapologetically targeting the elites who are exploiting the masses. Unfortunately, some Venezuelan Jews (not all obviously), as well as many non-Jews, form a part of that elite class in Venezuela. If the elites were fair and just in their dealings (banking sector, merchants, etc) with Venezuelans as a whole, and didn't see themselves as a people apart who mercilessly exploit the masses, then Maduro (and Chavez before him) would not target them for their unconscionable practices. Btw, Chavez was also accused of anti-Semitism, yet he knowingly left Maduro as his political heir, in full knowledge that Maduro was of Jewish descent. Like Maduro, Chavez also made a distinction between Jews as a people, Israelis as a citizenry, as opposed to the Government of the State of Israel. But unlike Maduro, Chavez did not have Jewish ancestors, and the personal attacks of anti-Semitism accusations against him flew freely and widely. And unfortunately, some people believed it.

    from the article: Rare colonial-era mikveh unearthed in Venezuela
    First published 04:18 17.12.13 | Last updated 22:24 16.12.13
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