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    • Dr Wafik Moustafa
    • 20.01.13 | 23:09 (IST)

    Morsi comment. President Morsi's of Egypt , anti Semitic rants were not at all surprising . unfortunately The Muslim Brothers , been conditioned into a certain behaviour pattern, that identified on the rejection of secularism and hate of Judaism. Morsi “these bloodsuckers who attack the Palestinians, these warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs.” , are similar to the Islamists mentor , Sheikh Qaradawi's anti Semitic mindset on various satellite TVs about Israel and Jews. His denial of 9/11 by defending radicals and asserting that there no evidence has been presented that could identify the attackers , is another aspect of his shortsighted views. His remarks are serious , as it were made when he was at the height of his career as a professor at a provincial university in Egypt ,and a head of Muslim Brotherhood. His public reactions after becoming president of Egypt , supported the same line of anti Semitism when he is asked to comment about Israel. Morsi's unguarded remarks about president Obama speech in Cairo endorse his radical credentials will add fuel to the fire and would raise questions about Morsi real intentions , and his statesmanship . For a long time , he has been as known as a hardcore Islamist, not known to condemn Islamist terrorists (including Al-Qaeda) and openly vowed to get Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman released from US jail where the 9/11 religion mentor is serving life sentence - he also made his gesture clear, by bringing Omar Abdul Rahman family , to his side, in Tahrir Square during his taking oath as the president of Egypt. Morsi and the majority of Brotherhood , with such fundamental religious- political believes will never change , he may keep low for a while from the embarrassment of these videos , especially when faced with a US condemnation . Muslim Brotherhood unlikely to disown such remarks. He doesn't call Israel by name , as he clearly does not recognise Israel. A very senior Muslim Brother Dr Usama El- Erian , recently asserted that Israel will not last 10 years as state. Since MB came to power , Egypt is sleep walking in an Islamic Republic -by -the Nile situation . they thinks democracy is just elections ,no more .Thus the liberal and seculars institutions are continuously undermined and starved from funds. The Brothers are very well funded all over the Arab World ,which likely to spell over into other countries like Mali. The terrorists who abducted and murdered the workers at the Gas plant in Algeria also demanded the release of Omar Abdul Raman. The Brotherhood senior members prides themselves for being anti American , anti West and anti Jews . Being in power will harden their resolve ,rather than mature their political understanding of Israel or the USA. Egypt's domestic situation is getting from bad to worse , as the economy growth is about third of its level during Mubarak US needs to rethink its policies which are giving mixed signals , the possible risks of keeping its conduits with the Islamists . Dr Wafik Moustafa , chairman of Conservative Arab Network London

    from the article: Morsi says his anti-Israel slurs in 2010 taken out of context
    First published 21:12 16.01.13 | Last updated 21:12 16.01.13
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