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    • zionist forever
    • 26.10.11 | 22:07 (IST)

    I know the left would like to believe that Bibi & Liberman are the cause of all the regions problems but they are not and the palestinians are not the great peacemakers whose attempts at making peace are being foiled by the evil Bibi & Liberman duo. Whilst it might not because he is in love with the idea of creating a palestinian state Bibi does legitimately want to do a deal. Bibi wants a deal done now on his terms rather than do nothing and wait for some hard left government to come along that will give away much more and ask for much less. In this case Abbas is the problem, he has not been interested in talks for years now instead he has been concentrating on the idea of going direct to the UN and trying to bypass talks because talks mean he has to negotiate which means he has to also give concessions to Israel it cant be he demands Israel gives. Abbas has been doing everything possible to avoid talking by making preconditions which he knows full well Bibi cannot agree to. At first Abbas was demanding that no talks unless settlements stop. Bibi gives him a 10 month freeze but Abbas doesn't talk until the final month and even that was just for show instead he made new preconditions then when the freeze ended Abbas said the reason talks failed is because Bibi wants to build settlements although he conveniently doesn't mention the fact he refused to talk at all for 9 months when there was a freeze. Now another of his preconditions to talks is Israel release Fatah prisoners including Marwan Bargouti ( who is no Nelson Mandela ) because he supposedly did a secret deal with Olmert in return for Gilad's release he would release all these people. Unfortunately for Abbas deals with Olmert do not count and the deal was done with Hamas and not Abbas and Hamas were content to do a deal that didn't involve releasing anybody from Fatah. So the real problem here is preconditions. If Abbas was serious about wanting talks he would sit down with Bibi now without preconditions and negotiate and through negotiations I am sure he would be able to get quite a few long lasting concessions out of Bibi and eventually a state. Obama might be going through the motions of being Israel's friend because he has elections in a year and he is coming from behind but in reality he hates Israel, Bibi especially and he is a die hard supporter of the idea of a palestinian state. Thanks to his stupid insistence on preconditions Abbas wasted having Obama when he was at his peak and most able to help but if he starts helping now Obama can still help him. Preconditions and Middle East hard man image Abbas has been trying to develop don't bring states but unconditional negotiations do. In this case Liberman is right and it is probably best for the palestinians if Abbas goes, because he is all washed out and doesn't have what it takes to deliver the goods. There is also the little fact that legally Abbas should not be president anymore as he was supposed to have held elections 2 years ago. Maybe we need to get away from the Arafat generation and see a palestinian leadership who were never in Tunis with Arafat and are of the oslo generation, people who didn't start out revolutionaries can sometimes be easier to do business with. Give Abbas his Nobel Prize and then politely get him to stand down and go write his memoirs or something like that.

    from the article: Palestinians: No talks unless Israel accepts preconditions
    First published 20:51 26.10.11 | Last updated 20:51 26.10.11
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