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Gaza fire kills 4-year-old, wounds four near Ashdod

LATEST UPDATES: IDF: 4-year-old was killed by mortars fired from Hamas-run shelter; Netanyahu orders IDF to intensify Gaza attacks; four wounded by rocket fire in Ashdod, Be'er Sheva.

Does the Gaza op make you feel safe?

Now, as refugees in your own country, when the bomb shelters you had hoped to abandon are back, and when Gaza is mired in blood and ruins, do you feel safer?

A Ukrainian army tank is pictured at a checkpoint in Donetsk region August 22, 2014.
Ukraine says Russian invasion has begun

NATO says Russians using artillery against Ukrainian troops - the closest the alliance has come to accusing Russia of direct war.

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My first American ER

Just like in Jerusalem, blacks are the majority in the ER here - I mean, in Israel it’s Arabs, but you get the idea.