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    • BEAR JEW
    • 26.07.12 | 06:23 (IDT)

    The fact is, it is now 4 years since Obama came into office. 4 whole years. One of the many pledges he made was that he would extend his hand to iran and use diplomacy to avert the need for military options. So far, Iran has abused his efforts...he (naively) extended his hand, iran chopped it off into a bloody stump. He tried to woo them with his wonderful speeches, they built more centrifuges. He offered them low grade enrichment swap solutions, they dug deeper at fordo. Clearly, diplomacy was never going to work, but along we all went with his ridiculous charade. Obama PROMISED to never allow iran nukes....and yet, somehow, the conversation among his peers, among his advisors, among academic elites that he cleverly uses to soften the blow when it comes, have all been moving towards some form of like jim walsh at MIT and stephen walt at harvard now seem to argue that maybe if iran HAD nuclear weapons, the strategic balance would be such that the potential for war would be lessened. This is absolute nonsense. We are not dealing with a static USSR-US cold war MAD scenario...we are dealing with messianic religious islamists who given the weapons, will use them...maybe not immediately, but one day it will come to pass. Of course, both walsh and walt sit in their ivory towers thousands of miles away from the conflict area...but it doesn’t take a genius to understand that iran is moving full speed ahead on intercontinental ballistic weapons....which will be soon capable of reaching the good ol USA ...and that includes cambridge, where both walt and walsh sit .... Obama talks about a world free of nuclear weapons...which anyone with a sane mind knows is never going to happen....he can’t even get Russia to stop supporting assad the butcher…you think he’s going convince Russia to give up all of her nukes? How about China for that matter? Some of the things he talks about are just ridiculous. What will Obama now try to do? He is going for some sort of grand bargain. This will roughly be, a nuclear free middle east zone...(code for weakening Israel) in return for iran SAYING they won’t develop their own nukes. Again, this will never happen, but, he will try to use it as a way out...failing that, he will opt for containment....what he won’t do is attack iran’s nuclear facilities and infrastructure. Whatever people think his reasons are for this, the fact remains, Obama will not do it. Israel has to understand, that while the military options are horrible and dangerous, it is the only way forward. Its time Israel announced a red letter date...after which, a military strike will occur. It’s high time the world finds out just where Mr. Obama stands.

    from the article: Barak: Nuclear Iran far more dangerous than preemptive Israeli strike
    First published 22:02 25.07.12 | Last updated 22:02 25.07.12
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