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    • Someone from Istanbul
    • 20.06.10 | 17:55 (IDT)

    We share a lot with Israel. The minute I arrived Tel-Aviv, I felt the very same feelings Istanbul gave me. Also we are similar in terms of the way we express our feelings, we flame easy and calm soon. The biggest mistake would be blinding ourselves with our fury and turn these happenings into a huge crack. First of all, no matter what happens, humanity shall not be forgotten. Unfortunately Israel, in our opinion, lost it with Gaza. Do you really believe we support terrorism, a nation who lost more than 30.000 people to the bloddy hands of terror? Also,when I read Haaretz, I see the flame in Israel's side is about the push Israelis perception to the edges. So called Armenian Genocide happened during the last years of Ottoman Empire. Although we believe what happened was counter killings by three sides, Ottomans trying to relocate Armenians to stop them supporting Imperial Russia, Armenians trying to find their own state so killing in terms of changing demographics in the region and Kurdish militias killing in terms of looting lands, goods and whatever was left over. Regardless of what happened, it has nothing to do with the current republic found and all has happened before 1923. What I unfortunately see in your post is like you are attacking with no knowledge and sadly very sided just because you are hurt? Please consider again. Also, if you place us, Turks, anywhere near Iranian's or anywhere near their current regime, that would hurt us much much more than the flotilla incident. Israelis should let go off their fear since each time you make small incidents into a matter of existence, it strikes you back. With hurting yourselves, this is also hurting our relationships. And although what has happened between our governments and people, Turks shall always fight, if Israel is under a real threat. Just as we have done in the past for the Safaradi Jews, no matter what happens, our hearts are with you and your existence in those lands. We have friends, brothers here from the Turkish Jewish community. I had businesses with Jewish partners, attended their son's Bar-Mitzvas, their weddings, prayed to our one God in their Shabbat dinners. But if it's even your father, who does wrong, you talk it out. That is how we Turks see it. Please let us not be blinded with our flames. We are brothers, neighbors, friends. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Don't do it because it hurts.

    from the article: The Muslim embrace
    First published 01:45 20.06.10 | Last updated 01:45 20.06.10
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