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    • zionist forever
    • 09.06.13 | 08:28 (IDT)

    When he first came to office he was putting alot of pressure on Netanyahu to start the peace process and Netanyahu was constantly reaching to Abbas calling on him to talk but Abbas kept making preconditions he knew Netanyahu could not accept. Netanyahu as an unconditional gesture agreed to a 10 month building freeze Abbas made new excuses not to talk and when the freeze ended he said there was no progress because of the settlement building. He has constantly refused to talk, his latest demand is along with a settlement freeze Netanyahu release over 130 terrorists including some who have committed murder which he knows is something that Netanyahu will have a hard time agreeing to. The other day Seab Ertikat came out and said that Latrun would be part of a palestinian state. Since oslo it has generally been agreed that Laturn will not go to the palestinians. Abbas is now saying if there is no talks by June 20 he will dissolve the PA and the 2 state idea and the official palestinian position will be the binational state idea. Bibi is calling for talks, Kerry is calling for talks but Abbas keeps making up excuses to avoid the talks. His UN upgrade has made Abbas even more hardline, the man needs to go because he has started acting more hardline and uncompromising than Arafat was. Have power to long unchallenged which Abbas has had then you develop an oversized ego, its only natural and Abbas has been in power 9 years receiving not a word of criticism from the west because they want to keep Hamas out of power so Abbas knows there will never be to much western pressure on him same way pressure is put on Israel. The man has also become like a dictator, palestinian elections were supposed to have been held 3 years agp but Abbas unilaterally decided to put them on hold indefinitely. When the world continues to support you no matter what because they don't like the alternative and you have been around for a very long time then what reason is there to compromise? Everybody loves the poor downtrodden palestinians and hates Bibi so he will always be at fault but fact is this time round certainly its Abbas who has been trying to dodge talks.

    from the article: Yacimovich: Labor may mull joining coalition if Netanyahu pushes for peace
    First published 16:25 08.06.13 | Last updated 16:25 08.06.13
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