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    • zionist forever
    • 07.07.10 | 17:34 (IDT)

    Israel can be very spiteful if it wants to be and if the palestinians declare a state unilaterally it probably will be DAY 1 - Palestinians declare statehood in borders of their choice. DAY 2 - Israel refuses to recognize this state and will not withdraw any settlers. DAY 3 - Israel will ring fence Jerusalem Judea and Samaria to keep the arabs out. DAY 4 - Israel will say that as it does not recognize this state it will not provide any kind of land passage between the 2 halves of the arab state making the only way to get between the 2 halves of the state is by flying from Gaza - Jordan from there to Judea & Samaria DAY 5 - Israel will revoke work permits for all palestinians working in either settlements or Israel putting tens of thousands out of work overnight DAY 6 - As Israel doesn't recognize this state it will not agree to any sharing of natural recources like water DAY 7 - Israel will stop supplying this state with things like electricity so that means if they want power they are gong to have to hook up to Egypt or Jordans electric grid which cant be done overnight. As palestinians have an economy of their own so they will have to pay to print their own money which is expensive its also no longer going to be linked to the shekel to decide its exchange rate so it will be worthless abroad making trade difficult. Eventually the palestinians will realize that their state doesn't have a chance of surviving even 1 year unless they negotiate a deal with Israel. The problem is now they have declared statehood any leader who makes any concessions to Israel in any kind of negotiation will be seen as a traitor and overthrown so they won't be able to do any deals with Israel and Israel won't give them any freebees. In a situation like that not even the US could solve the problem it would become an unbreakable deadlock. so palestinians have a thoretical a state unilaterally at their own risk and they should remember if it backfires its going to mean real trouble for them. Even if they got this state & it was a result of negotiation how long could it serioulsy be viable for? 5800km ( 22% of mandate Palestine ), shortage of recources, growing population, starting an economy from scratch and a variaty of other things. They will find that once the state exists the international community will gradually get less generous in their handouts because there is no longer a cause to support now its just a country asking for money and we are in the middle of a recession, UNRWA will be disolved. A real state is very different to a virtual one. Israel can and will always refuse to give the palestinians citizenship. Also Israel has no constitution only a set of jew friendly Basic Laws which are such as the Law of Return allowing jews from worldwide to move to Israel. If the palestinians go it alone & take it to the Security Council then the US will probably feel pressured to veto because it has to be negotiation based. Going it alone really would be suicidal for the palestinian cause

    from the article: ANALYSIS / Obama trying carrot, not stick, on Netanyahu
    First published 12:56 07.07.10 | Last updated 12:56 07.07.10
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