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Lebanese supporters of Shi'ite Hezbollah movement gather in the southern town of Nabatiyeh

Hezbollah calls on rivals to join fight against ISIS

Hassan Nasrallah says coalition strikes will not defeat Islamic State and other Al-Qaida-affiliated groups, says a strong Hezbollah is the only path to victory.

Former PM Olmert in the district court, Mar. 30, 2015.

'Cash envelopes' verdict to be delivered Monday

Prosecution calling for at least one year in prison plus fine, while Olmert hopes for suspended sentence.

Ethiopian women protest leaders

Meet the next generation of Israeli leaders

Female Ethiopian protest leaders, frowning on what they call a victimhood approach, are forging fresh coalitions in the fight against Israeli racism.

Moses draws water from the rock, by Francois Perrier (1642)

Did Moses really write the Torah?

Jewish tradition says that God dictated the Ten Commandments and also the Torah to Moses atop Mt. Sinai - but actually, the bible says no such thing.