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    • Reluctor Dominatus
    • 27.06.10 | 04:39 (IDT)

    When the "Freedom Flotiila" incident inflammed the world most Americans were already of the mind that those onboard those ships deserved whatever dire fate awaited at the hands of the IDF. When the videos showing what Israeli commandos had to endure came to light the reaction was almost universally incredulity given the world's reaction. Americans always have a habit of saying..."what if that were me" when making their judgements. Most were wondering why the IDF was using paint balls! That coupled with an almost 90% negative feeling toward the Palestinians resulted in a solid 70% + polling of support for Israel. The only place there was a lack of support was the 30% hard core left supporters of Obama and his cadre...and Obama himself. If Oren has come away from Washington thinking there has been a "tectonic" shift it was because he was on the soft ground of the politicians and their ideologies and he let them shake him up. Israel does not have the luxury 10 years to turn around what some perceive as a PR problem. Political strategy is critical at this point; don't trust Obama or Congress to do anything but get in the way of what Israel knows is in Israel's best interest. Take it to the American people without saying a single word to them. By that I mean act and let the chips fall where they may. It was not AIPAC that secured the signatures on the letter of support from congress, it was fear of the American people who rightly believe the government has lost conviction and a moral compass. It may be hell for Israel while all hell breaks out in the United States when you do act...but the dust will settle in Israel's favor. Have a little faith...there's a reason the Mexican drug cartels don't lob missles and mortars (or even snipe) across the border; all hell would break out and not one politician in Washington would show himself in Texas or Arizona until every cartel shooter was dead and every weapon was siezed 50 miles deep into Mexico. Americans don't understand why Israel puts up with 50K missles in Lebanon and Americans really don't care that Obama doesn't get it. Shape your field while you still have the chance.

    from the article: Envoy to U.S. Michael Oren denies saying Israel, U.S. drifting apart
    First published 01:50 27.06.10 | Last updated 01:50 27.06.10
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