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    • Egon B.E. Friberger
    • 25.11.10 | 22:38 (IST)

    I. Violence against a woman or against women as a group is one of the most horrific types of misconduct. Usually would follow: “one can imagine”. No, even with a lot of empathy one cannot imagine so horrific a misconduct. II. All the more appalling is the exploitation – in one or another form: commercial, political, ideological or other - of the human suffering of those exposed. III. Also considerable is the human suffering - for the target and his environment - of those falsely accused, formally or gossiply, of such horrific misconduct, all the more so for those fond of their moral standing, possibly specifically in such a matter. IV. This happens to be one of the most important “growing markets” for Amnesty International’s human misery mercantilism business model. Unfortunately, I, without any special effort or empathy can easily imagine such a business model. VI. Someone (i.) of the profile of a “Dr.” with the names of, oh, (ii.a.) “Orly” and, oh, (ii.b.) “Innes” – Santa Innes? – and, oh, (ii.c.) formerly known as “O.” and, oh, (ii.d.) “ she is not afraid” (iii.) has by far not been in physical danger, let alone lethal danger. She brings about one of those dubious situations in men/women heterosexual relations. She is doing so with the spectacular media potential of accusing (iv.a) a high ranking police officer, with (iv.b.) renown both in America and Israel, (iv.c.) only when a career opportunity can get damaged and (iv.d.) with a procedure initially prepared for the arousal of attention grabbing mystification. Then, all of a sudden, oh, (v.) exactly on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, November 25, 2010, she comes out of the closet with her identity. Oh, how courageous she is. Oh, she is not afraid. VII. All these elements throw up (I.) the nauseating smell of a - with extreme perversity - orchestrated publicity campaign for Amnesty International’s new cash cow – try a search for “violence; woman” on Internet - with, of course, ‘Israel’ being a promotional sell premium, with (II.) the terrible collateral damage of a lugubrious trivialization of those women who have been the victim of outright violence and of the misery for their children, and thus a trivialization of f.i. the WIZO initiatives. VIII. Whatever, someone with this level of education may be presumed to be clever enough to understand that this timing would look suspicious. Mr. Uri Bar-Lev can consider, like a soldier who throws himself on a grenade to save his platoon, pulling his candidacy in order to stifle the source of such a nauseating smell. It is a possibility, not a necessity. IX. I hope complaining about a nauseating smell is not violence against women. Even if this analysis wouldn’t apply to this Dr., the structure of the cautionary tale is tall enough. Nevertheless, may she have quicky a cold turkey and not file complaints for feeling threatened by some freedom of opinion. *** X. My empathy and, yes, prayers, go out to those women, men and children who truly and unequivocally are victims of violence.

    from the article: Victim of alleged sexual assault by prospective police chief to kick off PR campaign
    First published 17:24 25.11.10 | Last updated 17:24 25.11.10
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