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    • Fortuna Benmayor
    • 14.10.10 | 15:35 (IST)

    But put suspicion aside for a moment, and ask yourself why did palestinians demand no settlements for talk, and why does Israel demand recognition as the Jewish state before talks. It would do a lot of good to ponder it before you call it a premature act of derailing the peace talks. The essence of the word "Yehudi" / "Yehudit" (Jewish) or "Medina Hayehudit" (Jewish State) lies on the fact that we Jews have been mostly an endogamic tribe, then a halachically endogamic people. Yes, numerous mixes, rapes, conversions and other blurring of the membrane have occurred throughout the ages. We are a people, and an uncommon one, to be a nation-state in Herzl's XIX Century mindset. Jewish is so many things in one -history, "tribe", Torah uniting these diverse endogamic ethnicities until the XX century in one destiny-. Add to it peoplehood, nation, language, permanent persecution, holocaust, way of life, religious or counter-religious specificity... mindset sometimes, perhaps even a certain collective psyche... Now all that is more, way more, than what you have in an ordinary nation-state. It is a deeper, more complex, old feeling -a mystery even- so as to match an ordinary nation-state. Yet, Israel has done it. It is a nation-state, despite the uncommonly strong ties between the members of this mostly endogamous nation. So the big Arab minority in Israel -20%- has to live in a vibrant democracy, and yet, have to deal with being a minority towards much more than some ethnicity, race or history. Both Jewish Israelis and Arab Israelis don't fit towards the state of Israel and towards each other, as "majority" & "minority" in a normal nation-state. That's what is causing the root problem. Then come the ones who are angry at Israel for not being like everybody else, and yet succeeding to the most part. And then come Arab Israelis and protest elements which are in themselves contradictory, because their being Israeli citizens, is being a minority with rights, and yet, not part of the family the state of Israel was founded for. How to accommodate all this, is first and foremost to recognize Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people. Israel does recognize Palestine as the homeland of the Palestinian Arab people.

    from the article: The core of the conflict
    First published 02:29 14.10.10 | Last updated 02:29 14.10.10
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Israeli soldiers at the Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, May 4, 2016.
Rivlin apologizes to survivors at Holocaust Day ceremony in Jerusalem

Addressing ceremony, Netanyahu says that 'anti-Semitism didn't die with Hitler.' He calls on the country to 'fight the lies, increase our strength and build the country.'

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Palestinian police in Ramallah.
Shin Bet head: Palestinian security forces respond to Israeli tips and thwart attacks

But while singing the praises of Israeli security coordination with the Palestinian Authority, Yoram Cohen tells the cabinet that Israeli operations are still responsible for thwarting the majority of attacks.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu speaks with Merkel on backdrop of reported Israel-Germany tension

Der Spiegel reported that the German chancellor said she 'understands why Abbas always wants to turn to the UN Security Council.'

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A flower lies next to the word Auschwitz, denoting the name of the Nazi concentration camp
Documenting the Nazi transports to the death camps

Yad Vashem’s new online database details how the Nazis brought Jews to the camps. Among the stories to be found there: the train that conveyed the Freud sisters to Treblinka.

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