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Motel in Kampala, Uganda, where asylum seekers are staying

For asylum seekers who left Israel, a hopeless journey

Prof. Galia Sabar traveled to Rwanda and Uganda to hear about the Sudanese and Eritreans’ wretched living conditions — partly courtesy of Israel.

Benjamin and Benzion Netanyahu.

The father, the son (Bibi) and the spirit of catastrophe

Far from being a politician with no vision or plan, Benjamin Netanyahu is in dialogue with history. His ideology was inherited from his father, but it harkens back to 15th-century messianic writings.

Prof. Yoram Bilu

Why I quit being a therapist and followed my patients

Anthropologist and psychologist Prof. Yoram Bilu, who received the 2013 Israel Prize, explains why Western psychology is a language not everyone speaks.

Masters of Sex

Sex tips — in 19th-century French and 1930s Yiddish

A work on sex translated into mamaloshen is now available at the National Library in Jerusalem. Women, don’t be insulted.