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    • zionist forever
    • 11.11.11 | 15:48 (IST)

    This idea sounds like the British under Neville Chamberlin. Yes we know Hitler is building an illegal army but as we don't want to go to war again maybe if we close our eyes and pretend he isn't developing an army it won't actually happen. Assuming Israel was going to give up its nukes because it liked the idea of a nuclear free region now would be a stupid time to do it.. Iran is developing nukes, they are not bothered by any kind of diplomatic sanctions so Israel should say here I am giving up my nukes and just HOPE Iran decides to do the same. There are alot of countries in the Middle East you want it denuclearized then you need all of them to decide they want the same. Saudi Arabia has already said if Iran gets nukes then they will, Egypt possibly will get them if Iran does and Turkey probably will so we will find ourselves in a region where Israel is giving up its nukes but everybody else is getting them. As for the idea of nuclear ambiguity it suits everybody. The US wants nuclear ambiguity because it eases up the pressure on them. The arab states that have no great desire to develop nukes but would if they had to like Saudi Arabia like it because as long as Israel doesn't OFFICIALLY have nukes there is no need for them to get them. As PM Olmert almost said on the record Israel had nukes and then he got a warning from the Saudis that if Israel had nukes then they would have to rethink their own nuclear policy. It suits Israel because it means less hassles and fear of the unknown can be a weapon in itself. If Israel went on the record and said we have 200 bombs and they are of types A, B and C then the enemy knows what you got and they can device tactics around that but if the enemy suspects but is never really sure what you have thats something they can't plan for and its a weapon. What is Israel going to do if it gives up its nukes today and tomorrow Iran gets them, whats is there to deter the Iranians using the things if one night Ayatollah Khameni gets a vision from Allah to nuke the zionist infidel? This idea is like saying well if we disband the IDF then the arabs wont want to hurt us anymore and will make us feel like welcome neighbors so lets give up all our weapons and then we can live in peace and happiness. Logic says give up the weapons rather than bring us flowers they will come at us with bullets and we will have no means of self defense. Same with Iran Israel gives up its nukes now its not going to make Iran stop because they have their own political and military ambitions for which they need nukes all it will mean is we are no longer have a way to defend ourselves from a nuclear Iran.

    from the article: Israel's nuclear ambiguity may be nearing an end
    First published 04:01 11.11.11 | Last updated 04:01 11.11.11
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