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    • aladdin from amman
    • 18.07.10 | 02:14 (IDT)

    جذورI am a Jordanian of Palestinian origin; in 1992 it was my last visit to Jaffa, Israel. of course, at that time we visit Israel by special permit and I visit Israel 2 times each time stay for 3 month I learn to speak Hebrew and I establish many friendship relation with people in there, you can say people from my age in that’s days I was just 18 years old and understand the thinking way of the Israeli youth in that days we was very optimistic you know ,Pease prose’s and agreements etc… (Unfortunately now in Jordan is to obtain a visa to visit Israel more than impossible thing especially if you come from Palestine’s Roots) During my last visit to my relatives in Jaffa, I met by coincidence with Ms. Shulamit Aloni in Festival in old city of Jaffa, and we discussed this issue specifically , she asked me about the opinion about that issue the equality between citizens in the West Bank, Gaza and Israeli people , My answer was fast and Automatically and without thinking (I'm sure if it was the equality of everyone on this land and declared war on any neighboring country, for example, Egypt be sure that Arab citizens will be in the forefront of the army that will fight) Unfortunately, who runs things now in the region expired people, with there stone age mentality they cant move one step forward to such solution , these people are in both side, and also in the Israeli side have some individuals who are fanatics of the idea of a Jewish state, which I believe in my own view point completely wrong idea, I know that the Jews very smart and powerful people financially and politically and have a global network can assist them in control of most decision-making centers in the world, But the people in power now don’t have the mentality of the new generations who born in this land and don’t know other place except Israel as homeland for them, as many of my Israeli friends tell me. So why the Israeli government are not buying this idea??? I'm one of the strongest supporter for such project and idea even I will be glad if can extended up to include Jordan with it in Union of Middle East based on equality between the sons of Abraham and the exploitation of all these mental energies, human and natural resources and tourism in this country to reach the ideal state or a state of virtue. My message to all decision-making in the region: Enough wasting time Enough wasting blood in the name of religions. Religions and believes must just kept it in hearts We need to live our lives in peace and harmony and work hard to secure bright future for our children. We should use our head to move up the region for bright peacefully future All Jews and Arabs, Europeans and Africans and all races are humans!!!! There is no person better than the other, except who serve humanity. My best regards to the author of this article And Peace be upon you

    from the article: Endgame
    First published 13:27 15.07.10 | Last updated 13:27 15.07.10
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