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    • 29.12.11 | 18:17 (IST)

    the men seems like the has peace in his heart and knows waht is going on that they want to use israel to make it and have also a few traitors in the game who say "dont you worry everything will be fine and than well fick them " master of intrigue - we red last time it ended in auschwitz and this guy here must remember it . i am not delighted about irans leadership and never was - but what the hell time to go solar . my lamps are shining with sun power and it is ok- and i am a solid christian with jewish annsestors . they shine !!! and dont make any destruction it is a sad thing that the mossad chief is not a woman i would him send than to russia and make a blow job for wladimir and call bethi in london to tell her it is enough now . she has 40 percent of the earth has infiiltrated herself in usa and mossad ,almost everywhere using greed - invented with her agents osama ,anwar and globalisation to put usa on the knees and to use cheap products from china to make usa poor and on top of that give an american president who is sponsored by nwo and that the soonsor promotes nwo with china communist leaders as leading model - and forget to mension that china has close aliances with iran surely on order of bethi and the third reich traitor bank roitschild former german bauer bank in service of her majesty who financed before 2 sides of medal adolf as well as others also busch. , anyhow bethi shut shut up!! and dont you fuck with USA russia and israel and also with germany - otherwise it seems it seems 2012 wont be your year . I have sweet hope that in 2012 EVENTUALLY and it will help world peace we will see 1 nazi pihillip (bethis german husband ) speaking on tapes "how to nice is to have former colonies(usa) almost recovered .....and that there are to much people walking around..... which people he is refering too . the once his friends killed in 3 reich a little bit or the rest around 200 million who die after ww2 in consequence of wars , eugenics, hunger and genocides 2 exact circumstances from princess of heart diana who was loooooooooved in usa !!! 3 nazi philipp together with old eugenic nazis 4 SATANIC RITUAL ENGAGEMENTS AND OTHER HOOOOOOT STUFFF . BETTER THAN PORNS AND LIKE I ALWAYS SAY KING IS NOT WHO HAS THE CROWN KING IS WHO HAS THE BETTER PROFE. THE MOSSAD CHIEF I WISH GOOD LUCK AND I AM AMONG THOSE WHO MEAN IT determinated and brave and bethi we wont knee fall your crown any longer not now not tomorrow and to be honest never ! ! ! peace and freedom FREEDOM AND PEACE

    from the article: Mossad chief: Nuclear Iran not necessarily existential threat to Israel
    First published 01:23 29.12.11 | Last updated 01:23 29.12.11
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