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    • grouchoMarx
    • 15.02.11 | 17:57 (IST)

    they are not anti-semitic and most of those people from north africa are not.we are talking about 4? million north africans muslims or not as i doubt most are that religious. how could the majority be anti-semitic. anti-semitism exist and radical muslim gorups in France are contributing to it. the french govt shoudl clean up as wahhabists that france let enter on its soil ans its crazy imams are nit accepted. i however think you are exagerating:-) most nirth africans i know in france are just living their lives like everyone else and the conflict in ME is teh last of their worries. they just try to survive the crisis, make sure their children gets a good education, just live . everyone is not that politically involved, you know. I am not sure how french from algerian descent would be a threat sepcifically to jews but that woudl require more information from you. you have idiots everywhere. the problem I see in France is that their govt has cleary pushed to a lack of unity within its population. divide to reign seems to be sarkozy's signature. pushing one community towards another is irresponsible. there shoudl be no community other than the french nation where all should belong. jewish, musilm, christians, atheists, buddhist, is one dimension of our existence, they are not sources to division or hartred towards others. france unfortunately has lost it assimilationist ways (burqa was the issue of 250 to 500 women for instance and should have been a NO from day one)or a few years already and is failing to do teh job for many reasons however if we speak about jews ans muslims in france. let's be realistic- 4 million muslims (assuming all nirth africans are muslims which is ridiculous- i would say likely 15% are practicing)and about 600000 jews (not so religous either). i underatnd some jews would be threatened just looking at the number but it is ridiculous. fanatics exist among muslims but they are minor. they are just the people you hear about in teh media. nobody is interested in a regular person as it does not sell papers - too boring:-) rememebr also there have been 2 mediatic recent false attack on jews from supposed muslims and it was all lies as the police discovered. fanatics and their manipulations are on both sides. school should have been the factor of unity for all, a set of common values, secularity, all this shoudl have contributed to avoid situations like you describe. to me there are no "good jews" or "bad jews" who support israel:-). I don't support colonies anywhere including morocco. jews who support israel are not bad jews:-), we just ahve a difference of opinion. an extremist is bad anywhere on teh planet, jew or not. colons are to me crminals. I believe your govt is completely misguided. I am not a politician, I am interested in people and have a certain idea of justice. in my lifetime, I will never support colonies, this is a reality. that does not mean I call for murder of anyone including your misguided and fanatic colons. they are laws that Israel shoudl conform by and some things that shoudl be done as it is just human decency. they victory, my defeat? NO, the victory of any fanatic groups would be a defeat for humanity, not for me. I am just part of teh package, nit that important on my own

    from the article: Israel fears Hezbollah behind terror threats on its embassies
    First published 13:06 15.02.11 | Last updated 13:06 15.02.11
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