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U.S.: E. J'lem settlement will 'poison atmosphere'

Peace Now published a statement ahead of Netanyahu's meeting with Obama, drawing attention to the approval of 2,610 units earlier this month.

PM to Obama: Arab states can help peace process

Netanyahu and Obama now meeting for first time in 7 months; Obama tells Netanyahu: Status quo in Gaza must change.

The ugly new hashtag in town - #JSIL

Keyboard-happy Israel-haters have just come up with a catchy method of promoting their black-and-white thinking, and a Twitter war is ensuing.

A man prying at the Western Wall on Yom Kippur.
God of the left and of the right, forgive us

This year, more than ever, those of us who see Israel as a central part of our Jewish belief must extend our Yom Kippur prayers to recognize that our devotion can lead to extremism, whether from the left or the right.

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