Other than making Israel weaker and inceaseing arab influence in the region what does Isral gain? - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 10.10.11 | 17:16 (IST)

    Israel opening up its nuclear program to the world would achieve nothing but it would cause problems. The arab states like Saudi Arabia have a policy of don't tell and we won't ask and if we don't ask we don't need nukes. Olmert almost came clean about the nuclear weapons program when he was PM and he got a warning from the Saudi's that if Israel were to admit to having nukes then Saudi Arabia would have to rethink its policy on developing its own nuclear weapons program .. its a diplomatic game. Ambiguity is also a weapon in its own right because sometimes the fear of the unknown is bigger than fear of the weapon itself. there is then just not knowing is mentaly so thats a deternent without having to tell anybody what they have got to worry about. Signing the NPT would make Israel's nuclear program illegal as long as its not a signitory then its legal. Only the US, UK, China, Russia and France can sign the NPT if they chose and keep their nukes which is the reason the newer nuclear powers have not signed up. The only reason the arabs talk about the idea of a nuclear free region is because Israel is the only one that has nukes ... very convenient the only country thats your enemy has nukes and you decide that there should be a nuclear free region. Treaties also don't bring peace, Iran signed the NPT when the Shah was runnning the show forbidding Iran to posses nukes but Iran is now developing a nuclear weapons program illegally. More importantly the nukes are probably the only hold that Israel has to force the US to enssure that Israel is stronger than anybody else in the region in terms of conventional weapons. Israel has alot of influence on the kind of weapons the US will sell to the arabs so it can stay the top dog .. Egypt is not allowed the F15 because of Israeli pressure and there is no chance the arabs will be allowed to buy the F35 for at least a decade after Israel if they will ever get it. The US limits the number of kits for the production of Abrams tanks that Egypt can buy and it is not allowed to buy the very latest version of the tank to make sure Israel still has the edge. Israel even has some leverage over countries like Russia because of its nuclear program .. Russia wanted to sell Iran the S-300 they agreed not to because Israel was conocerened it would change the balance of power, it was the same with a Syrian request to buy the MIG 35. Lebanon wants to rebuild its military but the west are only willing to give them technology thats about 30 years outdated compared to Israel. No nuclear deterent no influence over what the arabs are allowed to buy.The Middle East is more dangerous and unstable now than it has been in decades thanks to the arab spring and the fact Iran wants nukes so now more than ever Israel needs to be the regional superpower and with the military budget Israel has everything to lose by giving up or even telling the world what it has and nothing to gain.

    from the article: Israel must change its nuclear policy
    First published 03:01 10.10.11 | Last updated 03:01 10.10.11
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