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    • David
    • 22.01.06 | 22:03 (IST)

    These days something totally shocking is taking place, specifically with Hebron. Unbelievable: a gathering of tens of Jews. How are they preoccupied, using their intelligence? Standing in judgement over Hebron! Was Hebron captured, or occupied from a foreign power! No shame, not for themselves, nor others, nor before gentiles who know what is written in the Bible, Hebron, the Cave of Machpela and the surrounding field was bought by Abraham our forefather even before the giving of the Torah, and that he paid for this 400 silver shekels. They know of the conquest of Joshua and of Jews who ascended from Babylon. Yet regardless, these Jews publicly present themselves at a special sitting express their ?wisdom? attempting to purify their vile thoughts. Their thinking is far below the impurity of vermin. Instead of using their intelligence to choose [a policy of protecting Jewish] life; [the Divine presence is forced down with 10 Jews together - whereby an angel present he would be nullified before the energy of the shechina.] A Jew is entrusted with a mission ? a soul descends into a physical body to create for Almighty G-d a dwelling place in this lower realm. Rather they utilise their G-d given minds to cheat themselves and those around them by announcing that Hebron belongs to others, making announcements as if Hebron is some sort of liberated territory. Recently I received a letter from a Jew in NY. A naïve Jew immersed in his studies. He toiled and gathered together statements of our Sages trying to bring proof in accord with his foolishness, that since these territories were conquered and an agreement signed by Jews who must never lie, came to the conclusion it is forbidden to retract! What do you mean, they signed a contract? The property signed for did not belong to them! This is the property of the entire Nation of the Jewish People. Even someone possessing all qualities and good intentions, he has no power of attorney or permit to sell property belonging to someone else, even of a single individual, certainly not of a great number of people. Even more so of property under the ownership of men of this generation and of all past generations beginning with the Divine Promise of the Covenant whereby G-d said to Abraham our forefather ?To you have I given [this Land]! First they signed an agreement, and then stubbornly insist that since it is forbidden to lie, they be bound to uphold the lie and take away from tens of generations of the Jewish people their possession and to cede to others! Are you master to dispose of property and estates belonging to ten previous generations and to generations after you to the end of all generations?! G-d chose Israel from amongst the Nations, and Eretz Israel from all lands as an everlasting inheritance! Only through our sins were we exiled from our land, and distanced from our soil. Yet, it remains our Land! This is ghetto mentality, far from the beginning of redemption! Never before have Jews stood in official judgement over Hebron. Worse still, the world stands by in silence! Jews showing on a public forum ? may G-d protect us ? Hebron does not belong to the Jewish people but was mistakenly captured! They [the Israel government] send representatives recommending [to the Arabs] to take it back. They nullify their own lie that the reason for their surrender is [international] pressure. In truth it is they themselves of their own free will, who offer to surrender! (From a farbrengen Parshas Vayetze 1980)

    from the article: A state held hostage by organized crime
    First published 00:00 22.01.06 | Last updated 00:00 22.01.06
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