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    • L.Evens
    • 18.06.12 | 07:50 (IDT)

    The faiths of Abraham are under attack from within, from out and from each other. These are dark days for the people of the faith. It doesn't matter from which branch of the faith you belong – your future and the faith is dependent on one another. How can you fight or guard against what so few seem to understand? How can you hear when your ears are so full of self righteousness? Given the darkness that seems to lay so thick and heavy, everywhere – how can one hope to see? When you can stand together; on the rock, that gave each of you your faith – you will see the light of our G_D shine -our G_D is bigger then all of us together. It is together that we will see the truth. This is both the power and the weakness of the faith: it is each persons weight -to embrace or reject.The perception of people who practice the faiths of Abraham; blind them to the purpose and the source of the faiths – what do you have, when you miss the point? What happens when you lose sight of the source; in favor for the perception of your own mind? If any person of the faiths of Abraham were to kneel before G_D – their perception of G_D would be different -but G_D remains the same. He is too large for one person to know alone. The judgments that people take, that is not theirs to make give what feeds the dark- a cruel irony. The choice is simple – you are either one who believes or one who does not and only one knows the answer to this.The Sephardi are right to be concerned but I cant say if what they are concerned about is truly the problem.You will all be called someday – your best to be prepared to hear that call – when that call comes -wherever you are – from all four corners of the world - you will have the choice to flow into the streets and return what has been stolen -life – or continue doing what you have been doing; nothing. Its already started. You all, are the water of our lord -let it flow. We came from one -it is time we became one.

    from the article: Israel's Sephardic Chief Rabbi: Conservative, Reform Jews wreak 'terrible damage'
    First published 01:10 18.06.12 | Last updated 01:10 18.06.12
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