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    • 22.10.07 | 19:07 (IST)

    The latest :- PM Olmert travels accompanied by two of his close advisers on a widely published sudden air trip to Moscow to meet Pres. Putin. Officially his personal message concerns the Iranian / possible also Syrian nuclear developments and possible Russian intervention to prevent further nuclear bomb development. The meeting after the official greetings in presence of dozens of Russian officials and Israel?s accompanying four persons plus a few members Moscow embassy was without presence of anyone accept a Russian translator. Olmert came out of this declaring himself satisfied. After all these samples which are a thorough negative report about a man who officially represents the State of Israel worldwide, we find an announcement by Israel?s ? A.G Mazuz says he will not order PM to suspend himself over criminal probe (Haaretz),? a rather strange statement after given orders to open up two additional criminal investigations in connection with Ehud Olmert. ? Olmert?s behaviour be it theatrialic or seriously representing his present views caused his today?s declaration ? plans to bring joint declaration to Knesset before peace summit (Haaretz)? - He likes to behave apparently like a ?circus dompteur who forces his animals to walk / jump through burning fire? irrespective what have to become too! ? So far no such plan has been officially discussed, announced and doubtfully if already exist in its complete wording. Haven?t we over stepped the borders of the bearable with this type of government of representation and a time when the world is close to a boiling point. We can?t continue with this type of government of representation outwardly and internally and have to find a way to neutralize immediately this government. The usual argument whom do you have to replace doesn?t fit. No country in the world ever remained without any more or less leadership / government. Israel are multitudes of capable, clean , politically unwilling personalities to jump into this breach which they have to be given the tools to re-establish an acceptable clean non corrupt government. Whatever happens Olmert is to be r e s t r a i n e d to influence appointment of n e w p r o s e c u t o r g e n e r a l.

    from the article: While Olmert was talking
    First published 00:00 22.10.07 | Last updated 00:00 22.10.07
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