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    • 22.10.07 | 19:04 (IST)

    New Defense Minister Barak was sent to Washington mainly concerning anti missile options. During his absence from Israel, with Olmert?s consent as Acting Defense Minister Benyamin Eliezer was appointed, leaving in their secondary political positions of Deputy Defense Ministers his party colleague Matan Vilnai and Ami Ayalon in their present roles. Another unusual case is, army officers personal representation before the Winograd Commission prior to publication of the findings / possible pointing to personal responsibilities bended together already prior to an official information of any personal responsibility, to appear and argue their case before the Winograd Commission. Here these officers found a very high legal army officer to present this demand via High Court order to the Winograd Commission. All these seems to be ?daily life and in IDF which actually consists on a principle of ?obeying orders from above.? The courting requesting army legal officer is not the high authority of IDF legal department but apparently quite independent. Here again Olmert did not intervene and my have had quite an interest in this step as it would differ for months the release of the Winograd Commission. Under normal circumstances these officers should have been brought before a military court of non subordination. Strange enough neither the PM nor the Min of Defense who is the civilian authority of the army have reacted so far. An analog treatment was exercised towards the ?whistler Zelekha Accountant General when the finance ministry?s director general with two / three finance ministry department head appeared in a televised press conference asking to dismiss the Accountant General Zelkha as they could not be expected and cannot work any longer with him. They asked that the Umbudsman to retract his defending / maintaining accountant general?s position for the duration of clearance of his accusing statements. This in defiance to the special authority giving the Ombudsman the tools to protect a possible source of investigation information, as well as in complete contradiction to any proper form of government. More so the press reported of the four protesters having informed their Minister of Finance of their forthcoming performance action without been stopped by him, who is supposed to be a legal top man who elected to become Israel?s attorney General but resigned immediately. - The latest spin was the recent publication of an alleged Fatah ? Hamas planned assassination of Olmert. Here the official information spoke about an attempt to shoot at Olmert envoy of cars on the way to Jericho for a meeting with Abbas.- Later the inquiries by pressed produced that the attempted killing was an apparent discussion between two Fatah members, who together with some three to four additional persons planned to attack with their riffle the Israel bullet proof cars convoy. It came out that not a single shot was fired on that convoy which traveled a several weeks ago, one potential attacker was arrested by PA authorities later released and now Israel security people requested the arrest of the number two! - A vivid nice story which apparently did not happened but showed the Hero Olmert. Olmert became the ?attacked person? timmingly in a period of the forthcoming 12th commemoration day of Yitzhak Rabin?s killing. ?

    from the article: While Olmert was talking
    First published 00:00 22.10.07 | Last updated 00:00 22.10.07
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