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    • H.H.M
    • 22.10.07 | 19:02 (IST)

    Title ?While Olmert was talking? is an easy nail to hang on some of the multitude of problems caused by him. ? Just to name the possible headings of the major problems, to start with most probably basic issues, Ehud Olmert as an individual and what he ?radiates? his public image that of as a shrewd egomaniac politician who knows how to manipulate the various contradictions by spins, declarations, promises, changes in his opinion, practically having no real contents He changes his position from right to middle, from middle to right as per his understanding of the prevailing condition to retain rein of the various ?political horses? striving into contradictory directions. - To him is important to be the image of a beneficent leader. - His chameleon type leadership actually helped and helps Israel society to become politically lethargic to issues beyond momentary needs, to become non observers of rules / laws when they are posing personal small group stumbling blocks. As per his professional education, he is using the two main lines namely the strict written law, the lived law, the psychology of the trespasser and the law givers so all these loops in the nets law are existing and can be used to his advantage. Here actually nothing is new and has been expressed and acted in one way or another and leaves a ? not to be counted upon? objective argumentative person. Recently we observe a PM and an Olmert with steadily growing investigation in criminal direction of his deeds / decisions. - So far he managed to manipulate Israel?s political scenery to retain his position and without being vomited / spitted out! Quite a success from his point without consideration for the price being paid by Israel?s public and the ?re-education? how to circumvent by all means known including immoral ones. Very often he manipulates the difficult looking occasions by personal spins, photo ops, ?new ideas? and by group of persons who are controlled by him or who are controlling him for their own needs/ purposes. - Let?s take an example or two he appointed Ehud Barak as Minister of Defense and Vice Prime Minister obviously under the impression created of Barak having won legally Avoda Party leadership on a majority vote in their primaries , b u t these votes by numbers, their particular way of having been collected, are still object to a criminal police investigation. The primary legally supervising former justice Strassnow did not sign as required the election protocol but, did hand over the irregularities claims etc to the police where they are still being processed investigated. - A strange thing happened, Barak?s election opponent Ami Ayalon after party internal consultation decided to become Barak?s unrestricted follower irrespective of the ongoing investigation, apparently based on a party internal overriding consent o v e r still legal ongoing criminal investigation. - Olmert must have been aware of all these things through the various reports in the press and through his personal office declaration. So he decided to disregard this ?inner Avoda political decision.? And appointed Barak instead of Amir Peretz Minister of Defense. Barak became on of Olmert?s main coalition pillars. - Actually as the only person who did not yet paid for his failures as certified in the Winograd Investigation first report remains and is Prime Minister Ehud Olmert! Who continues his ?famous judgment of situations as during the last three days of the Lebanese war.? He openly declared himself guilty of this misjudgment which caused many additional life. -

    from the article: While Olmert was talking
    First published 00:00 22.10.07 | Last updated 00:00 22.10.07
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