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    • bat yam
    • 16.06.11 | 14:42 (IDT)

    1. Instigator of expulsion plan of Gush Katif's Jewish population - 2003 2. Presiding (together with Sharon) over historically unprecedented Jewish instigated ethnic cleansing of other Jews (including the dead) from Gush Katif – 2005. 3. Instigator of "convergence" plan to further ethnically cleanse Judea & Samaria's Jewish population -2005/2006 (quietly abandoned in the wake of Lebanon debacle). Instigating/abetting/ignoring Amona brutality. 4. Presiding over a bungled 2006 Lebanon military operation lasting a full month & whose only enduring results were: a. Death of ~134 Israelis. b. Hezbollah left intact while other innocent Lebanese killed & Lebanese infrastructure devastated leaving "bad will" amongst other Lebanese ordinarily at odds with Hezbollah. c. loss of the Zahal's decades-old military deterrence. d. massive damage to our north. e. subsequent ceasefire enabling Hezbollah to complete a new unprecedented massive missile buildup, strengthening Iran's ongoing strategic efforts against Israel . f. failing to obtain the release of Shalit, Regev or Goldwasser g. refusing to accept Winograd (I or II) responsibility for his failure and follow the other 2 culprits in their resignation from office. 5. Standing idly by while allowing Hamas to: a. pummel the south with a non-stop missile barrage leaving residents dead, in terror and further eroding Zahal's image of deterrence, encouraging the continuing adventures of Hamas/Hezbollah/Iran strategy. b. gain unprecedented political power and continue for 2 years their "military" buildup in coordination with Iran/Hezbollah without any successful Israeli counter strategy. 6. Engaging unpopular leader of the other terrorist organization, Fatah, who is unable to control or deliver "anything" while offering hope to Arab population that if not delivered will further fuel Arab anger. 7. Agreeing to Gaza ceasefire leaving Hamas in place to continue unprecedented buildup of arms, missiles and regrouping of its "military" in conjunction .with Hezbollah/Syria/Iran. 8. Weakening Israel's basic national/security interests by offering to arrogantly "give away" Jerusalem, Golan and other essential territories proffering our enemies further proof of a frightened and leaderless Israel "finally" ripe for a potential military assault. Iran...? 9. Offering to trade murdering terrorists for our captives without at least insisting on certifying their physical condition or even if they are in fact alive. Engaging in these political machinations while the emotions of the families of the captured, as well as those of the nation are arrogantly & coldly ignored. 10. Arrogantly and selfishly conducting affairs of state for his own personal agenda of staying in power while mired in an aura of scandal layered upon another scandal totally ignoring our national security. 11. Talking very tough on Iran's nuclear ambitions, while failing to take required action to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. 12. Attempting to give away Jerusalem, the city that has defined the Jews for 2000 years. 13. Gaza debacle 2009. Again talking tough while smashing & killing Gazans and then leaving Hamas free to continue rocket barrages. 14. The best dressed PM in Israeli history. 15. Finally, destined to be Israel's best dressed prison inmate. Quite a legacy!

    from the article: Olmert denies receiving cash-filled envelopes from Jewish American businessman
    First published 14:14 16.06.11 | Last updated 14:14 16.06.11
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