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    • Gerry Hiles
    • 06.11.05 | 19:01 (IST)

    Oh dear. I have read most of the comments and it disturbs me to read so much blind hatred, of the kind which Jews have endured so often and have rightly rejected. When the Nazi regime (and many other regimes throughout history) persecuted Jews, it included "collective punishment" amongst means to intimidate and get rid of "the problem of the Jew". I've never even agreed with the notion of some evil Jewish cabal of bankers, for instance, but let's say that there were some grounds for holding some Jews responsible for the woes of Germany (just hypothetically). OK then, seek out the individuals responsible, but DON'T punish all Jews - the great majority of men, women and children - if you can't find the real villains. So don't make sonic booms over Gaza ... and don't trivialize or dismiss the impact of sonic booms, because even adults sometimes continue to fear thunder storms, whilst children and domestic animals are often terrified and inconsolible. As regards those regarded as the actual villains? Well the situation is much the same as the one which the US and Britain face, because they too are at increased risk of terrorism, precisely because they use brutal methods against whole populations (consider Falluja) under the pretext of punishing/killing a minority who actively resist the brutality. I don't condone violence at all, but neither am I a pacifist and so if my country was invaded and if my common rights were threatened, then I would take up arms. I am not anti-Israel, per se, and I'm certainly not anti-semitic, but in the contexts of such as Iraq and Palestine, my sympathies are with the Iraqi and Palestinian resistances (but not with thugs and common criminals who exploit the situation). One reason for my sympathies is that these conflicts are so unequal, e.g. throwing a stone hardly equates with a high velocity bullet, and firing a crude rocket hardly equates with rockets fired from Apache helicopters, or from F16s. If most of the comments here represent both the government of Israel and the majority of Israelis, then there will never be peace for Israelis nor Palestinians, because collectively punishing Palestinians will guarantee a never-ending supply of what are euphemistically called "terrorists" ... well if making sonic booms over Gaza is not terrorism, then I don't know what is.

    from the article: Demons in the skies of the Gaza Strip
    First published 00:00 06.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 06.11.05
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