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U.S. general: Can't rule out 'boots on ground' in Iraq

As U.S. steps up airstrikes against Islamic State, General Martin Dempsey tells Senate that future scenarios, such as the retaking of Mosul, may require embedding U.S. forces with Iraqis.

Gaza mortar shell falls in Israel, first since truce

Shell lands in an open area near the Gaza border; Hamas says no knowledge of mortar attack.

Ex-IDF chief rabbi allegedly leaked intel to Bennett

Brig. Gen. (res.) Avichai Ronsky barred from Gaza border area during fighting after economy minister brags of insider knowledge.

Israel U. S ties- AP- March 26, 1979
God wanted peace, so Carter chimed in

A Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter revisits the Camp David talks that led to Egyptian-Israeli peace in 1979. He finds an American president who seemed to want a deal more than the warring parties.

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