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Olmert found guilty in 'cash envelopes affair' retrial

New evidence, provided by ex-prime minister’s former office manager, Shula Zaken, was key in verdict.

U.S. and U.K officials at the Iran talks in Switzerland.
Israel reduced to heckling Iran pact from afar

With Netanyahu's loud bickering with the White House, culminating in his Congress speech, Israel's PM has inadvertently positioned himself as someone whom the Americans won’t take seriously.

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New IDF recruits
Petition calls on state to upgrade draftees to minimum wage

High Court of Justice also called on government to rethink its position on the low salary levels paid to soldiers.

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Israeli high students protesting canceled field trips, Tel Aviv, March 29, 2015.
Students pitch tent to protest canceled field trips

Teachers in 15 high schools across Israel refuse to accompany field trips unless they be granted immunity from criminal prosecution in event of student death or injury.

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