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    • Dino
    • 26.10.10 | 15:48 (IST)

    Although it may not seem to pertain to the topic at question, I have to make an observation. Many of the Jewish talkbackers(at least I think they are Jewish based on the names given here) seem to exude a sort of primordial and base hatred towards anything and everything that has any connection to Islam and Muslims. There are countless comments on Turkey's supposed turn towards Islam, and those comments portray that as something sinister and evil. This is something I can't understand. Israel is fighting to be recognized as a Jewish state, because it has Jewish majority, and however some of you may deny it, religion plays a major role in Israel. Rabbis themselves play a key role in steering the country. Some of us may not agree with this, but it is the right of Israel's citizens to decide. Yet, when it comes to Turkey, or Iran, or any other country with Muslim majority, it is a bad thing to turn towards Islam. According to some here, Muslims shouldn't practice their religion publicly, they should be secular, act and behave as people in Israel, or elsewhere in the West, Islam shouldn't play any role in the government and any politician who is practicing Muslim should be expelled from politics. If these countries don't comform to these conditions they are proclaimed radical, extremist, placed in some ridiculous "axis of evil" groups etc. Sometimes it feels that people who are talking like that whish that there are no Muslims and Islam in this world. It is disconcerting and frankly it scares the hell out of me. I am not scared that someone will actually fulfill that secret wish. What scares me is the fact that there are such people who, due to ignorance of Islam, show such feverish and open hate of anything connected to this particular religion. What scares me even more is the fact that some of that hate comes from Jews, people who themselves have faced such hate and suffered greatly and unreasonably because of it. I know this comment doesn't exactly focus on this article, but I would ask you to publish it here as an observation from me, a young Muslim in his twenties, who feels above all else that he is a human being amongst other human beings, not defined by religion but judged solely by actions.

    from the article: Report: Turkish intelligence severed relations with the Mossad
    First published 01:35 26.10.10 | Last updated 01:35 26.10.10
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