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    • c.schmidt
    • 03.01.12 | 14:16 (IST)

    As a matter in fact and i tell it as simple as it is dr ron paul is the only one who is against this wars and the madness of Orwellian hitlerian nwo. Israel should support him and not fall in the game who almost took over the young nation He not even once promoted a war – yet they paint him extremist. Why? Because it can’t be done less money with him and the military industrial complex who made America broke and thanks to endless invented terrorist in order of her majesty infiltrating other intles als cia and mossad there is less money and take over in it . Wake up Are you stupid? Can’t you see they use you? War is peace and hell is heaven . We should have no matter where to logic based non paranoic analyze of events and tell the things like they are. Fact is America is taken by transnational cooperation’s and banks managed out of London (youtube source George green total destruction of western world plan Camelot – who by the way just only wait for making the wars bigger and wider spread elites- need this war and much less people to stay in power they don’t care if we are christian muslim jewish or buddist – eugenics is full discussed topic and Israel here same as America is infiltrated with people who only serve foreign money interest- on pay check of her majesty who controls the fed! – nothing more and nothing less- serve the same groups who brought Adolf in charge and make during ww2 money out of financing both sides of war using banks and business (bush family bauer bank others. It is not so black and white and those facts arrive in main stream. Dr ron paul is the only one who defends the independence declaration where “everyone is born free and same under the law – no matter which belief religion or religion- I don’t see any racist or extremist content in this. It is defense of law and constitution. this dream was our only given hope and is stolen and will be recovered and I would pint 100 percent that it won’t take to much time . the lies arrive in mainstream and like I always say extraordinary patience should never be confused with capability to act – and the people will stand up This declaration was The basement of a country – in this case the land of the free and in America they have it kind of sure who sold them oit over money and Israel and many other countries should here not be on the losing side – they will come out of it and definitely won’t have time for pet when they get screw from behind thanks to out of control infiltrates who are active around the globe and this also concerns Israel and the British agents there in mossad active against united states of amerika – an all those who on low life pay check invent islamists and Zionists and other” ists “ to have a reason for war and endless war where boths side of medals are created and than financed with goal of more power concentration and loess people who die in a battle with an invisible enemy – just that bethi and co can stay in charge That they control 40 percent of earth wealth must have arrive in mossad Have it pretty sure – united states of amerika is on a good way to recover this independence declaration. More than 15 million former communist refugee have vivid memories who was suffering under communist (70 million dead ) and here people who survive adolf hitler should recommend the younger generation- join wisdom ! Ron paul is wisdom . he is not doctor mengele and Streisand opra and all this big stars should back him up because their candidate obama “the one” Made under logic perception the existence of Israel much more difficult and put the whole region upside down – meant to be go out handed – on order of her majesty divide and rule…and many shepples among jewish communities play or fall, in this game where others make money out form war and harm and with all my respect among those also a traitor fraction out of Israel which the mossad better finds sooner than better – this guy same as me saw how painful live comes on earth him as doctor and me as former obstetrician midwife . Both of us assisted thousand of deliveries and me Law the face of another war. The victims of Bosnian refugees – among those also mothers who flee with dead babies inside and I am among those who with quit a fair judgment sees all kind of medal but I won’t go soft on traitors and don’t care where they pray. I recommend very strong israelinas to sit together and discuss a u turn and recommend it how can I explain it very fucking soon– because fact is a few people are extremely hot to put everything at the ege and I would not count on the word of Manchurian hoax flip flopper mk ultra lousy king George suite created obama sponsored from soros who has record from being be traitor in third reich-and making money out from jewish people who were on the run. And himself will be hold in account why to promote a now with communist china as ruler and why he thinks he is god .!? I also would not count on the help from jewish traitor zbiegniev brezisnzi who textually declare “before it was more easy to control one million people –than killing them now the other way around” it is well arrived in usa that zbiegniev helped to create osama bin laden using cia and that osama who owns us explanation about ring on its finger brought war and destruction- something in common fro muslims – was it her majesties ring… . It is well known that this guys osama and anwar among other created terrorist were used to have reason for 5 wars (Somalia Afghanistan, Iraq , Libya and Pakistan and only in Iraq more than one million people dead . We humanity are not here on earth for harming others and also not for oppressing others and interfering in countries independence. We are here to be born free and let other free as well and living in peace and respecting the freedom of others to live the way they want – it means countries independency . The jewish state should better sooner than better define were to stay in the times of changes which will come – on side of British impulsed nwo were it is planned at the end to dissolve Israel and recover former protectorate without people or on side of war and madness or side of freedom liberty and peace and country independency . I have it very clear that usa and Russia referring to people won’t like now and will resist to it they did it successful during ww2 and only a sharp lock into putin s eyes shows he won’t be ruled by bethi and her traitor slaves- to be honest same impression got from Texas and co who definitely still can and will and don’t run on soft-core . . the rest better sooner than better fucking defines and brings order in the home. Otherwise screwing in between it wont run this times well. It takes not to much brain to forecast this I feel me extraordinary privilege to be so outspoken. Have Jewish ancestors myself and suffered severe oppression under communist dictatorship which I resisted and we won’t allow it that someone form no matter where tries again on us – we – the people from no matter where and which belief ! My arguments can be discussed and give a wide angel for any diplomatic gap. Dr ron paul is not dr mengele . Those who help him are sitting on the british thrown and using traitor bankers fgor their interest. One of them is destroy the Jewish state after they use Israel a little bit among others and you should not allow it ! And with ll with great conviction in my heart- I am among those who mean it Freedom and peace

    from the article: Thank God for Ron Paul
    First published 11:56 03.01.12 | Last updated 11:56 03.01.12
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