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    • Elizabeth Morowti
    • 22.03.13 | 22:34 (IST)

    If our president disparages, and disregards, our own United States Constitution, and Congress, as shown so clearly through his deeds supported by cronies, mass-media, the ignorant and takers...then he is quite capable of trying to disparage and disregard the legitimate of another nations' existence. In the case, that of of Israel. It is a combination of trying to put aside and ignore both the sacred and profane (i.e. the historical connections that the Jewish people have had to the land of Israel for thousands of years...symbolized and expressed in the texts of Old Testament, as well as the political framework, and leadership of modern day Israel (i.e. the Knesset and it's prime-minster). If our president devises a successful scheme for re-eleciton where by the state of our country has become irrelevant to those who live in it because his continuing campaign tactics have been to divide in order to conquer and then destroy our own country (by generational-divide, historical memory, race, culture, class, sexual orientation, citizenship, union-membership, etc.), and won-reelection by employing such tactics.....then he is quite capable of using these same tactics to set in motion of the destruction of another country. This tactic was clearly used in his Cairo speech 4 years ago, with both intended and unintended consequences. Now he is implying the same tactics in Israel. What makes anyone think he will be different when he goes to visit Israel after his re-election. Obama, in the end, considers the leadership of Israel irrelevant, and an obstacle to his idea of transforming the middle east into one that ultimately denies that the land of Israel, with Jerusalem at it's heart, is both sacred and profane. He is directing is words to the left-wing youth of Israel who do not appreciate the blessings that they have been given because of the daily sacrifices that they must bear to live as a Jews in their own country. Just as many Jews in the Diaspora finally feel their Jewishness once they visit (and many times emigrate to Israel)...possibly, Israeli youth will only appreciate their land when they go abroad to live, and experience modern-day anti-Semitism in other countries, including the United Stats. Many young Israelis take for granted the existence of Israel as the re-birth of the ancient Jewish state. The last one was destroyed by a great power from without who did not respect their values, traditions, customs or faith (i.e. Rome & Titus).? Will this re-born nation of Israel be destroyed from a power from within....set in motion by yet another great foreign power who ignited the flame (i.e. the United Sates & Obama). If Obama cannot be trusted to protect and defend his own nation against enemies, foreign and domestic, how can one expect him to do so for a country he claims is an ally and friend? He has no intention to do either...and there are multiple examples to prove the point, including Benghazi!

    from the article: Tough love from the President who wants to 'throw Israel under a bus'
    First published 02:31 22.03.13 | Last updated 02:31 22.03.13
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