obama hates Israel today just as much as he did November 2008 trouble is now he has an election to think about - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 20.02.11 | 13:46 (IST)

    His problem now is he heading into an election season back home and he has alienated the pro Israel voters of the past two and half years through his pro muslim anti Israel actions. If he supported this resolution he would just be accused of more biased against Israel to appease the arabs and muslims. Every politican no matter who they are, their ideology or what country they are in will always put their own career first. Sorry Gideon this is political not ideological. This could have also all been avoided if Abbas & Obama had been more committed to making things work. There can be no denying Abbas has spent the past two and half years acting like a stubborn child having a tantrum in his refusal to talk without pre conditions. It achieves nothing and it doesn't stop the building or anything else all it does is allow Abbas to look like the tough guy. Obama for his part should have been less desperate to be liked by the islamic world and showed more leadership. Yes I know we all like to blame Bibi from everything from the unilateral failure in the so called peace process - global warming but if your interested in facts he is the only man who made any effort. If Obama had been willing to show tough love to Abbas and operating a carrot and stick policy to BOTH SIDES and told Abbas straight I am on your side but if you don't talk I wan't nothing more to do with you ( thats what Carter did when Sadat was ready to walk away from Camp David because he wasn't making progress ). If Obama had been willing to tell Abbas straight and risk making himself unpopular in the muslim world by dictating to Abbas then he would have made real progress. With Obamas help Abbas would have NEGOTIATED the freeze he claims he wants. We would probably by now be attempting to deal with final status issues and we had agreements on alot of subjects. Whatever you think of Bibi its Obama & Abbas who could have done more but didn't.

    from the article: With settlement resolution veto, Obama has joined Likud
    First published 01:18 20.02.11 | Last updated 01:18 20.02.11
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu / State Comptroller Yitzhak Shapira
Israeli state comptroller to PM: Focus on answering Gaza war report instead of criticizing it

Associates close to Netanyahu and Ya'alon called draft review of Operation Protective Edge 'an unserious report that reeks of politicking.'

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A sign showing the distances to Damascus at an army post from the 1967 war at Mt. Bental.
After almost 50 years of Israeli rule, Jews still a minority on Golan Heights

Quality of life, sane housing prices, incredible scenery 
and quiet have failed to lure many Israelis to settle there, while local Druze and Arabs are still more connected to their Syrian brethren.

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