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    • C. Eluma
    • 12.10.10 | 11:12 (IST)

    Palestinian Authority is as confused as their leaders with the following reasons: (a) Without recognising Israel as a Jewish State which they have refused to do, Palestinians may not achieve or realise their own State. The essence of 'Two State solution for two people’ is to allow both Palestinians and Jews to have their own state, so, what is wrong in Palestinians recognising Israel as a Jewish state when Palestinians wants Jews and Israel to recognise Palestinian State. (b) Palestinian State by its directions will not want to see a Jew in their state, if created, so why must Palestinians and Arabs be found in Israel? This idea of ‘right of return’ will not apply to future Jewish State of Israel, as by creation of Palestinian State that problem is already solved. Remember Jews were also displaced in most of their lands in Arab countries, even in the present Israel before 1948 creation of the ‘State of Israel’. My submission therefore is that Palestinians must try and understand the international definition of racism. (c) based on the formula of two state for two people, I do hope that the Palestinians will understand that the yet to be created 'Palestinian State' is meant to allow Palestinians to have their own state, as a result, every Palestinians whether Arab-Israelis or Palestinians in diaspora must be part of Palestinian State, as Jewish State of Israel is for the Jewish people. It will be very wrong for Palestinians to think that they will fight for the creation of Palestinian State, after which they will also claim or think that Arab-Israelis must belong to Israel. I think such Palestinians' presumption will lead to the collapse of the peace process. Palestinians must come to a true understanding that one must not have two things at a time especially when those things are controversial such as the 'Middle East Politics'. The question therefore is as to whether Palestinians want a State or whether they want to occupy the entire Israel. It is my belief that going by the position of Palestinians Authority and Arabs politics, Jews will not be allowed to have a state if Palestinian are in control of Israel, therefore, Israel must be very careful not to enslave themselves, because Palestinians and Arabs are hopelessly and foolishly stubborn. We must remember about the 1948 creation of State of Israel; Arabs refused to recognise Israel as a Jewish homeland, but Arabs refusal brought Arabs undoing. I will advice Palestinians and Arabs to recognise Israel as a homeland for Jewish people, as give and take must be made so that Palestinian state can be created and its capital will be in Ramallah. I wonder if peace can be achieved without both parties making compromise. Palestinian Authority and Arabs insistence on 1967 border will not help the peace process as the parties must have to take the practical realities or facts on the ground for peace to be achieved. Finally, I doubt if peace will ever be achieved, but I would be very happy to see peace achieved.

    from the article: Netanyahu asking Palestinians to cede right of return
    First published 01:30 12.10.10 | Last updated 01:30 12.10.10
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