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Putin warns Israel: Don't send Ukraine deadly weapons

Russian president's warning comes week after he lifted ban on delivery of S-300 missile defense systems to Iran.

U.S. Zionists cast votes of their own

At stake is leadership of an organization that helps manage Israeli agencies with huge budgets; liberal U.S. Jews view the election as a way to register discontent with Israeli politics.

Ra'anana city hall.
Israeli town council cancels Jehovah’s Witnesses event

Anti-missionary group Yad L'Achim had claimed Christians were planning a 'mass baptism' and launched protest campaign in Ra'anana.

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A giant gap in Israeli consciousness

In 1951, a quarter of a million people were living in what was known as ma'abarot, 80 percent of them from Islamic lands. Most of the camps were dismantled by 1959. Ten forgotten years.