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    • David
    • 15.12.05 | 14:12 (IST)

    I consider the 4 steps you suggest quite reasonable. There are things to negotiate, of course, but it an agreement looks doable. But while your position is reasonable, the position of most leaders and most of the arabs in the world is "eliminate Israel. Kill all jews". There are Israelis who vow to kill all arabs, but many of them are in Israeli prisons, they are proscribed and they are a tinny - non representative part of the population. The question is what do you, a Palestinian who doesn't want to kill all jews, do about the radicals. We've done our part (and hard it is when our buses explode in Tel Aviv). What are YOU doing about yours? What does Israel have to talk about with Hamas, whose plan is to throw the jews to the sea? A timeline? What should Israel talk about with Assad? He wants us out of the Golan before we can start talking about when we are going to be out of all Israel. And please don't compare the Holocaust with the Palestinian's suffering. Nobody tries to exterminate palestinans. Anyone who does it either has no idea of what happened in Europe, has no idea of what's happening here, or knows both very well but he's so absolutly full of hate for jews that has no problem on lying in order to hurt jews. Everytime a palestian dies is becasue he was next to the car of a bomb maker that killed docens of Israeli civilians. What do you expect Israel to do? Let him live? The Palestian authorities could put him in jail. Israel can't. The most accurrate hit Israel can give is a rocket to his car, and yes, some civilians die. There are demonstartion in Tel Aviv in favor of an agreement with the Palestinians. There are only gun parades in the territories. Have the palestinans given up on anything by own will in order to get closer to an agreement? And every time talks start, there are waves of terror attacks. And every time Israel is blamed on the atacks "because of the occupation". What kind of delirant extremist would attack the israeli army when they were in Gaza to pull out (by force, remember?) the jewish sttlers? What did the non-delirant palestinans do about it? Did they have the balls that the Israelis had to pull their own intransigents by force? I think the ball is on the palestinan side of the court now. David.

    from the article: Ahmadinejad can continue to smile while the world argues
    First published 00:00 13.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 13.12.05
Haaretz Headlines
Stabbing attack in Tel Aviv, October 8, 2015.

Netanyahu calls for broad unity government

LIVE UPDATES: Soldier moderately wounded in latest stabbing attack in northern Israeli city of Afula ■ Earlier, seven Israelis were wounded, two of them seriously, in stabbing attacks in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Kiryat Arba ■ Palestinian killed in clash with police.

JNF-Arava Medical Center, October 7, 2015
U.S. Jewish group goes after JNF over West Bank donations

Rabbinic human rights group T’ruah calls for transparency on donor money spent on settlements.

17:48 08.10.15 | 1 comments
A girl in the West Bank settlement of Itamar, September 20, 2011.
Netanyahu withdraws plan for 538 new homes in West Bank settlement

Instead, PM will push master plan that okays Itamar's existing buildings only.

18:16 08.10.15 | 5 comments
Video encouraging Arabs to murder Jews
YouTube removes inciting videos portraying murder of Jews, at Israel's request

Hamas uploaded one video dramatizing stabbing death of two Jews, while cartoon reenacted murder of Eitam and Naama Henkin in West Bank.

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