Not so fast jake..THE FRUIT OF THE PUDDING IS IN THE EATING.>. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • James T.--USA
    • 05.09.10 | 04:19 (IDT)

    Don't be too sure jake more to come and this is but A PHOTO op that anyone an perform. The main thing is BHO's concern of the November election.Apart form the sticking point what I see is an IMATURE photo all of them MARCHING ON ATHAT WILL EVENTUAALLY snd not far off will COME CRASHING down with BIG BUMP. your entusiam is bthing but a BIG BALOON full of HOT AIR that will low into the faces of BHO,Clinton and the rest of the wishful thinking bunch that have nothing but WORRYING only of their BUTTS.The only one I for one am interested in IS BB .Just let him take a step into the wrong directiion and give more than Israel can afford he will be LINCHED BY HIS googlies if you get my meaning.So,no need for your rejoising about a Pal state dear jacko ... time is not now OR EVER for Israel to have MINI TALIBAN ON ITS DOORSTEP . Therefore your glee is misplaced totally. And if you think once (if there is peace with the pals) THE WHOLE ME will be quiet and peaceful THAN YOU ARE DELUDED AND NEED TO HEAD EXAMINED.Too many dirty dees has been passed under the DIRTY WATERS tyo cleanse it .just likle that ha jako NOR AS EASY AS YOUR IMAGINATIION DESIRES.Intability is a non stop phenomenon perpetrated BY ISLAMISM..yOU SORT THAT OUT TOTALLY FIRST,THEN THEE MAY BE SOME HOPE.i FOR ONE CANNOT IMAGINE IT EVER HAPPENING. NOT IN YOUR LIFETIME,NOT IN MINE(Am probably younger tha you) and cannot see the end of the conflict any time soon.Perhaps in a cople of hudred years or so,when ISLAM DECIDES TO CONVERT TO ANY OTHER RELIGION,AND ABANDON THE PRESENT ONE WHICH IS KILLING THE WORLD BODIES .I AM NEITHER A FOOL,NOR AN OPTIMISTIC,NOR IF I MAY A TOTAL PESSIMISTIC WAIT.>. ONE AY THEY SAY ONE TING AND WITH THE SAME BREATH IN ANONO SECOND CHANGE THIER MINDS CONFUSION ALL AROUND. CAN'T TRUST ANY OF THEM IF PROOF NEEDED YOU HAVE THEIR OBVIOUS STANCE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. I CALL THE WHOLE THING:ARAFAT NUMBER TWO.IN SHORT THEY ARE GOING BACKWARDS INSTEAD OF FORWARD. END OF MY PHILOSOPHICAL THESIS/PREDICTIONS p/s sorry for the caps...too lazy to bothr

    from the article: U.S. official: Obama 'very pleased' with outcome of Mideast peace summit
    First published 01:19 05.09.10 | Last updated 01:19 05.09.10
Haaretz Headlines
A protester waving a Palestinian flag shouts at an Orthodox Jewish man in Sheikh Jarrah
Israel objects to building school in East Jerusalem, says it would endanger nearby police station

School in Sheikh Jarrah 'could constitute a threat to the facility and its combatants,' state says. NGO: 'The government has found a new excuse to prevent building schools in East Jerusalem.'

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A barbed wire fence at the former Nazi concentration camp Mauthausen.

Survivors dismayed after Austrian official justifies calling Nazi camp inmates 'a plague'

An Austrian prosecutor's statement says it was justifiable for far-right magazine to call people who were liberated from Mauthausen a 'criminal plague.'

Stormy weather in Tel Aviv this week.
Unseasonal winter heatwave expected in Israel next week

Temperatures in the center of the country and along the coast could reach 30 degrees, or even higher, and last for several days.

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Netanyahu climbing out of the Rahav, the 5th submarine in the Israel Navy's fleet

Netanyahu trades Israel's democracy for a shtetl with German submarines

Tossing Arab MKs out of Knesset was a new low in Netanyahu's assault on democracy, but de facto, Israel is already an ex-'Jewish democratic' state.