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    • zionist forever
    • 16.10.13 | 10:40 (IDT)

    People don't pack their bags and leave behind their friends and family because of moral values. If they go its for personal reasons like the pay is better in other countries etc not morality. A poll was done by the OECD and it found Israelis to be some of the happiest in the world and have a long life expectancy. The education system is not all that bad problem comes from like all sectors it only gets a share of the national budget so they have limited capabilities and largely as a result of alliya and the foreigns who are here on work visas more school places are needed and with schools having a limited budget there is only so many new schools they can build and the result is very high class sizes forcing limited resources to be stretched further. The medical system is also one of the best in the developed world, its certainly nowhere near being the best but its up there, we have a new industry of heath tourism where people come from places like the US to come be treated in Israel because its cheeper and the services is very high. When it comes to economics since 1948 Israelis have earned less and worked longer hours than their western counterparts things are a bigger problem right now because we import more, there has of course been a global recession and the economy is evolving from being a socialist one where government was responsible for looking after everybody to a market based economy where government plays a much smaller role and its the private sector who are taking over from government in certain sectors. As a country gets oder its economy matures and thats whats happening in Israel so roles things the state once funded or subsidised doesn't happen anymore. it brings more investment into the country and allows little companies to become big ones but it also hurts some people. With the property prices there is nothing government can do because the free market sets property prices, governmments will never be able to build enough homes for the poor they can only make an effort, same in all developed countries ( the US doesn't even do that ). If the market drives prices up nothing anybody can do about it just makes it harder for many people to get on the property ladder and those who buy to rent if they have to pay a premium to buy the property they will charge higher rents because they want to make profits not act as a charity. Unless government is going to take control of the property market thats something cant stop. At the end of the day though there is no perfect country. I am an olleh, came from England and there are things I prefer there but things I Prefer in Israel I same wherever you go in the world there will be things you prefer in the country where you came from that you like best and things in the country you have come to you like best but you will never find the land of milk and honey.

    from the article: The surprising reason Israelis are fleeing in droves
    First published 01:14 16.10.13 | Last updated 17:42 15.10.13
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