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    • zionist forever
    • 23.02.11 | 20:54 (IST)

    Even now we have no idea what Egypt will look like once it elects a civilian government. Almost certainly it will be much more hostile to the US & Israel than Mubarak was because they want to show this government is one for Egyptians its not an American zionist puppet like Mubarak. Egypt was also the exception to the rule with the military being loyal to the people in most countries the military is loyal to the king or president. They might not be as brutal as Gaddafi but they will use force on orders of their leader. In countries like Jordan 65% of the population at least are palestinians and do not have citizenship whats going to happen if the Heshimites are toppled as far as Jordan goes .. will they support terror and possibly transfer military weapons to terrorists. Instead of kassams we could find Hamas armed with Javalin anti tank missiles or Stinger anti aircraft missile that really would change the rules of the game. If Assad falls Syria will almost certainly fall into the hands of the islamists. Either Hizbollah on Iran's orders or the Muslim Brotherhood who are the only opposition to Assad and they don't like him much. If a group like the MB took over considering the fact Iran is already so deeply involved with Syria and Lebanon they would probably end up in the hands of Iran and the MB a puppet government. Lebanon has already fallen into the hands of Hizbollah. If Saudi Arabia went they would certainly be ruled by an islamist government. After Israel and Egypt they also have the strongest army in the region. What the WORLD needs right now is stability in the region and an end to these revolutions because so many coming at the same time somebody is going to screw up eventually and we will get a civil war. Libya is already on the brink of civil war and just because of whats going on there has sent oil prices to the highest levels in two years and the more unrest the higher its going to get and all these countries recovering from recessions will be plunged back into it. You can magically remove Israel and the palestinians from the region tomorrow and the region will still be unstable potentially for years.

    from the article: Netanyahu: Mideast instability could last for years
    First published 19:13 23.02.11 | Last updated 19:13 23.02.11
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