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Lieberman: Palestinian UN draft is act of aggression

Jordan submits UNSC resolution draft on Palestinians, could be put to vote on Thursday.

Netanyahu: Weak against Hamas, strong against Europe

Netanyahu doesn't have a solution to the deep diplomatic isolation Israel has maneuvered itself into under his leadership; his most recent response to the accumulation of events conveyed mainly hysteria.

'I'll kill you/buy you dinner' and other Arabic gaffes

Whether Arab dialects should even be considered one language is not only a question of linguistics, but of history and politics too.

Shia LaBeouf, Sheldon Adelson, Joan Rivers, Donald Sterling, Jon Stewart, Scarlett Johansson
Ten scandals that rocked the Jewish world in 2014

From Jon Stewart and Gaza to Rabbi Freundel's hidden video cameras – there was never a dull moment.

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