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Mississippi Summer Project participant teaches class for young black students.
The next step for liberal Zionists after Gaza: a Freedom Summer with Palestinians

In an era of direct action, supporters of the two-state solution must start putting their bodies on the line.

19:09 28.08.14 | 9 comments
Islamic State militant
Gaza war? Merely a blip on the Mideast radar

The Israel-Gaza war was a distraction from the real agenda on the region's mind: The deep fear generated by Islamic State expansion.

09:30 29.08.14 | 7 comments
Rafah crossing, August 27, 2014.
Riddle of the Sphinx: How does Egypt do it?

With each new round of Israeli-Palestinian confrontation, Egypt emerges strong and indispensable. But its years-long role in the embargo of Gaza is underestimated.

14:19 29.08.14 | 0 comments

Why are Brits so anti-Israel?

It may have less to do with anti-Semitism than we think.