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Kerry warns of PM speech becoming 'political football'

U.S. Secretary of State also says that the U.S. deserves 'the benefit of the doubt' to see if a nuclear deal can be reached with Iran • Netanyahu heads to Washington for 'historic mission.'

Obama is Netanyahu’s greatest political asset

The U.S. president bears some responsibility for the sorry state of Israel-U.S. relations. He has allowed himself to be maneuvered into a position where he can only help Netanyahu in Israel’s elections.

Dialogue: Europe's key to fighting terrorism

The absence of discourse between Western governments and their Muslim communities demonstrates a lack of understanding and vision, and could herald counterproductive anti-radicalization policies.

A Purim parade in Tel Aviv
Why do Jews dress up for Purim?

Something borrowed, something Lent? The custom seems to have arisen in 13th century Italy, as festivities and masquerading escalated towards Shrove Tuesday.

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