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    • Taxpayer
    • 23.12.12 | 11:12 (IST)

    The mere suggestion that Netanyahu is a leader is so risable as to scarecely worthy of comment - His message is that the world hates us and the Palestinians hate us (and if they don't then I will make them). The man can neither make war nor peace nor a decision. The way in which he has backed down to the public sector atevery opportunity, giving profligate pay rises that we cannot afford whilst the wealth producing private sector employees have at best not had their salaries increased and at worst had their salaries cut or their positions cancelled is nothing short of scandalous. His vision - is to sit in the chair for another 4 years - during which time he will talk, but not act, in respect of the Iranian threat from the ourside whilst selling the country for free to those who want to set up an Iranian style state from the inside. His appalling performance last night, asking us to send a message to Ahminijad by voting for him is vintage netanyahu - create fear, distort the truth, and spread fog everywhere. The path that Niv describes is that of a lemming on its way to a cliff. The real question is whether Netanyahu is a zionist or not - will he take this countrythreeyears further down the road to its demise or will he have a coalition that speaks for the people who sustain this country before it is too late. This last government's message to the people of this country is defined by its treatment of students - A man who has served for four and a half years as an army officer and does 30-60 days reserve duty a year is inelligble to grants that are exclusively for Yeshiva students who have not served in the army - and will be behind them in the queue for housing because the Yeshiva student got married at 19 while the other idiot was doing basic training. So what is the good news - the coward/fraudster whodid not come clean with the voters by admitting to the tax measures he will have to put through may go into coalition with his natural partners who seek to destroy the secular live and let live society that we enjoy - and his masters will explain to him that you don;t need an army - just Yeshivot to protect the country and then the financial crisis is over. I am not anti-g-d -- indeed the though of another 4 years of Netanyahu inspires us all to believe in G-d because G-d help us.

    from the article: We all need Netanyahu
    First published 01:00 23.12.12 | Last updated 01:00 23.12.12
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