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A rocket is launched from the northern Gaza Strip towards Israel.

Israel: Gaza will pay if rocket fire continues

Israeli strikes targets in Gaza after rocket fired at south on Tuesday night.

Outgoing Antitrust Commissioner Prof. David Gilo, May 26, 2015.

The gas companies will push Netanyahu into a corner

PM may have overplayed his hand in forcing out Antitrust Commissioner Prof. David Gilo. He doesn’t have agreement with gas cartel and odds of getting one don’t look very good.

Arab citizens of Israel rally in Rabin Square, Tel Aviv.

Why so few Arabs on Israeli zoning boards?

Arab representation in the bodies that decide on building and development is low to negligible at all levels, contributing to the ongoing housing shortage in Arab communities.

A young black man, in an act of resistance to South Africa's apartheid policies

Apartheid in Israel is about more than just buses

What in a different situation would be considered apartheid is tolerated by many because it is ostensibly temporary. But the occupation has long stopped being temporary.